Soldier Watermelon Crossbody

◉ Main Zip Pocket
◉ 2 Internal Compartments
◉ Adjustable Strap
◉ Water Repellent Nylon

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Watermelon Crossbody: An Energizing Summer Bag!


Refreshing on a summer day, the Soldier Watermelon Crossbody can not only drive away the heat, but also bad style. This cartoon watermelon-shaped shoulder bag is the perfect fun piece for a hot day at the beach, a walk in the park, or to amusement parks! This fruity clutch features an easily adjustable strap so your watermelon could go from a crossbody to a shoulder bag. The watermelon itself is cut into two, so you can organize your things in these split compartments. Complete with a classic satana pitchfork stealing a bite, this one in a melon bag will make you so cool - figuratively and literally.



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