Soldier ReSet Backpack Red

◉ 3 Internal Pockets
◉ 4 External pockets
◉ Holds Up to a 9.7"" Laptop
◉ Adjustable Non-Slip Backpack Straps
◉ Breathable Mesh Pocket Lining on Back
◉ Water Repellent Nylon
◉ satana Printed Lining

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ReSet Backpack: The Perfect Moderate Daypack

The cutest medium-sized backpack, the Soldier ReSet Backpack is a classic bag. This is the perfect daypack for a day out. It has comfortable shoulder straps, a breathable mesh lining, and is compact, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Made of the Soldier series' lightweight, water repellent nylon, this bag is also durable. It also has enough pockets to help organize anything you need! Match your vibe with your bag with a classic black, apricot red, lemon yellow, sky blue, wine red, creamy beige, or navy blue!

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