True Wave Backpack

◉ 1 Internal Pocket
◉ 4 External Pockets
◉ Made With Recycled Undyed Yarn and Fibers
◉ Strap Detail is Crimped - Like a Wave!

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True Wave Backpack: A Light and Summery Daypack!


Check out this super lightweight and eco-friendly backpack! The true wave backpack is made of undyed recycled yarn and fibers, giving it an almost transparent quality. True to its name, the decorative strap on the front of the bag is crimped into a wave and sways as you walk, waving at everyone you pass by.
The main compartment is large and spacious, with a drawstring closure. There are two side pockets (one flap and one zip closure), a front flap pocket, and a back zip pocket - plenty of storage for your charger, phone, swimwear, towels… even a laptop! This light bag is perfect for a fun beach day to catch some waves!



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