Tiger Clasp Coin Purse

◉ Tiger Stripe Embroidery<br/>
◉ Detachable Wristlet<br/>
◉ Gold Ball Clasp Opening<br/>
◉ Water Repellent Nylon <br/>
◉ satana Inner Lining<br/>
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Tiger Clasp Coin Purse: A Fierce and Trustworthy Companion


Happy Year of the Tiger! A 2022 Special, this Tiger Clasp Coin Purse is the epitome of confidence and good luck. With embroidered tiger stripes and detailing in the back and a detachable wristlet, this cute yellow pouch is and easy way to carry cash. The gold clasp mouth symbolizes “虎咬金” - “tiger biting gold” - encouraging good fortune and prosperity. All the more reason to keep your tiger friend happy and full as you feed this pouch all your loose change and bills!

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