Soldier Mint Backpack

◉ 3 External Pockets
◉ 3 Internal Pockets
◉ Padded Computer Compartment
◉ Holds Up to a 13" Laptop
◉ Shoulder and Handle Strap Design
◉ Breathable Mesh Pocket Lining on Back
◉ Water Repellent Nylon
◉ satana Printed Lining

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Mint Backpack: The Carefully Designed Classic Backpack


The Soldier Mint Backpack is the Soldier series' take on the classic backpack. This sleek, clean bag is made of durable, water repellent nylon. With a minimalistic silhouette, this bag may seem simple, but there are hidden unique points. The handle of the bag actually works as an adjustable shoulder strap, so you could carry it as a shoulder bag or hand bag. Furthermore, there is a built-in padded computer compartment to protect your laptop, and many small sleeve pockets inside for organization.

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