Soldier Lemon Backpack Printed

◉ 1 Internal Zip Pocket
◉ 1 Front Zip Pocket
◉ Internal Elastic Cup Holder
◉ Holds Up to an 11" Laptop
◉ Breathable Mesh Lining on Back
◉ Water Repellent Nylon
◉ satana Printed Lining

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Lemon Backpack: Fun, Unique, and Comfortable


Conquer the day with the lightweight Soldier Lemon Backpack! The unique wrap-around zipper design allows you to open the backpack like a mouth, with more ease than traditional backpack openings. The rounded top, crafter from the Soldier series'  iconic water repellent nylon, gives the bag an endearing look. The back is lined with a mesh net material, ensuring comfort in hot, sweaty weather. Also check out the bag in the namesake lemon yellow and jet black!

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