Light Air Coin Pouch Blue

◉ 1 Internal Pocket
◉ Lanyard With Lobster Clasp Detail
◉ Leather satana Devil Detail
◉ Lightweight Polyester
◉ Geometric Inner Lining
◉ Branded Smooth YKK Zipper
◉ Highly Water Repellent

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Light Air Coin Purse: A Pouch Soft as a Daydream


The lightest puffer bag you'll ever have… in the form of an adorable circular coin pouch! Keep your little things close to you in this convenient purse, easily clipped to any of your daily bags. Part of the Light Air series, this bag is made of a quilted, soft but sturdy lightweight polyester, this bag will provide a comfortable place to stash anything, including coins, makeup, keys, earphones, and cards. Choose a purse that'll fit your vibe - a happy sunshine yellow, fresh mint, calm forest green, and inspiring navy blue.



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