Light Air Computer Sleeve Green

◉ Holds Up to a 13-14" Laptop
◉ 2 External Pocket and Pen Loop
◉ Lined with Mesh and AEPE Foam for Cushion
◉ Leather satana Devil Detail
◉ Lightweight Polyester
◉ Branded Copper Snap Closure
◉ Highly Water Repellent

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Light Air Computer Sleeve: Safe and Soft


Protect your valuable electronics with the Light Air Computer Sleeve - a safe home for laptop computers and tablets. As part of the Light Air series, the puffer styled exterior is water repellent and adds to the softness of the case. The electronic cover also is reinforced with foam inside, ensuring protection. This computer case can hold up to a 14-inch laptop, and also has compartments on the outside to hold your phone, pens, chargers and notebooks - everything you need for work or school.



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