Light Air Tote Green

◉ 3 Internal Pockets
◉ Holds Up to a 14” Laptop
◉ Anti-Slip Straps with Bow Detail
◉ Lightweight Polyester
◉ Geometric Inner Lining
◉ Branded Smooth YKK Zipper
◉ Highly Water Repellent

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Light Air Tote: Stylish Puffer Bag


Looking for the perfect trendy puffer tote? Well look no further - the Light Air Tote is not only soft and pillowy, but also carefully designed to be comfortable, spacious, and organized. This calming shoulder bag has anti-slip straps as well as multiple pockets for easy storage. Part of the Light Air series, the lightweight quilted exterior is also durable and water repellent, so you don't have to worry about the bag! This is the perfect everyday bag for tranquil, light days! Check out the gorgeous blue tote as well.

Anti-slip strap design,
Can fit A4 data, 12.9-inch iPad, 14-inch laptop, folding umbrella, 550ml water bottle and other items


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