satana x sinkcomic Coin Purse

◉ sinkcomic Print!
◉ 1 Back Card Slot
◉ Lobster Clasp Detail
◉ Inner Tag Keyring
◉ Branded Copper YKK Zipper
◉ Water Repellent Nylon

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Coin Purse: A Cute On-The-Go Pouch!


Meow! Collaborating with Taiwanese cat comic sinkcomic, we hope to share these hilarious and adorable cats with you in your everyday life. Keep your little essentials in this easy-to-use coin pouch - the perfect small wallet for when you're on-the-go. This change purse also has a back card pocket, so you can store both your cards and extra cash in this small secure coin bag and save any extra hassle. Inside, the woven satana label can be used as a keyring to secure your keys. The lobster clasp design allows you to easily clip this wallet to any of your everyday bags. Paired with the fun cat prints (featuring the satana devil in cat form!), this is the purr-fect practical yet cheerful change purse.

Size 10 x 8.5 x 3 cm

Back One Card Slot | High Durability YKK Copper Zipper

With a black wax rope



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