Soldier Coin Pouch with Key Ring Wine

◉ Main Zip Pocket
◉ 1 Front Zip Pocket
◉ Internal Keyring
◉ Branded Smooth YKK Zipper
◉ Water Repellent Nylon

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Soldier Coin Pouch: The Functional and Compact Purse

You'll fall in love with this super small and cute coin purse! The Soldier Coin pouch with Key Ring is a simple nylon bag that's water repellent and durable, complete with smooth zippers and leather details. Aside from its charming exterior, inside the main zip pocket is an attached key ring to keep your keys safe and prevent them from getting lost. On top of that, you can keep spare change, bills, and cards in the front and main compartments. Collect them all in different colors or just find your favorite mini bag out of a wine red, milk beige, navy blue, sky blue, and classic black!




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