Denim Crossbody Phone Bag Brown

◉ Main compartment Holds to a 6.8" phone
◉ 3 Card Slots in the Back
◉ RFID Anti-Theft Lining
◉ Premium Tanned Leather Straps & Buckles
◉ Lightweight, Durable Denim Material
◉ Water Repellent

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Denim Crossbody Phone Bag: Easily Carry Your Phone!

We can't live without our phones - so here is a chic, hands-free way to keep the little things close to you. Not only does this crossbody carry your phone, it also includes card slot in the back for your credit or debit cards and IDs! Part of our Denim collection, the specially developed denim fabric is durable and water repellent, giving you that extra peice of mind regarding your phone. Go on with your day with two free hands and a trendy accessory!

Length : 13cm / Height : 18 cm / Strap Length : 116cm

Casual Phone Case Crossobody | Card Slotes Design

Lightweight Denim Fabric & Vagetable Tanned Leather Strape


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