Fresh Graduate Sling Bag Grey

◉ 2 External Pockets
◉ 3 Internal Pockets
◉ Holds Up to a 8" Tablet
◉ Adjustable Shoulder Strap
◉ Red Leather LOGO Label
◉ Water Repellent and Durable

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Sling Bag: Specially Designed for Young Professionals


Designed for the young professional, our Fresh Graduate crossbodies and sling bags combine professionalism and style to create a practical way to carry everything you need, hands-free. Crossbody purses are an ergonomic carry accessory that helps decrease neck, shoulder, and back pain - a break from the hours of sitting in an office. These youthful bags are not only comfortable and convenient, but also spacious enough to carry most work essentials - a great nontraditional work bag for both men and women. The multiple pocket design (including a hidden sip pocket in the bag!) allows you to organize all your belongings. This sling crossbody is also durable, with a water repellent coating, meaning it'll stick with you as you succeed throughout your career. Choose between a sleek slate grey or a classic black!


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