929 Ladies Hobo Bag Blue

◉ 4 Internal Pockets
◉ 1 External Pocket with Zipper
◉ Holds Up to a 10.5" Tablet
◉ Detachable Leather Strap
◉ Soft, Breathable Nylon Material
◉ Geometric Inner Lining
◉ Water Repellent

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The Hobo Bag: A Soft, Unique Handbag

The Hobo Bag: a must-have bag with its unique elegant shape. Its high-quality leather straps are detachable, so it is both a shoulder bag and handbag! As part of the 929 Ladies collection, the bag has crimped ruffles along the sides and a soft shine to the breathable fabric. The purse's graceful shape is crafted with the intention of maximizing storage. Inside, there are many slip pockets to keep all your belongings. Pick between our two mature colors: a jewel purple and inky blue.

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