929 Ladies Handbag Blue

◉ 6 Internal Pockets
◉ Holds Up to a 10.5" Tablet
◉ Detachable Leather Shoulder Strap
◉ Soft, Breathable Nylon Material
◉ Geometric Inner Lining
◉ Water Repellent

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929 Ladies Handbag: All the Storage You'll Ever Need

Exude elegance with our 929 Ladies Handbag. Characteristic of the 929 Ladies series, this bag is made of a shimmery, breathable nylon that is also water repellent. This bag is then complete with subtle ruffles and premium leather straps and charms. The elegant exterior gives way to a spacious interior, with a "bag-within-a-bag" design. With 3 main compartments, each with its own pockets, you can easily stay organized and fit anything you want. Why compromise style and storage when you can have both?

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