Privacy Policy


In order to protect your personal privacy and data, satana (PHYDAXA INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD.) lists the following statement to explain the type, scope, and purpose of information collected, the manner of use, and your rights.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy statement, the following related notices, or matters related to personal data protection, please contact our customer service:


The satana (PHYDAXA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.) Privacy Statement and the related notices are only applicable to websites owned and operated by PHYDAXA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD..


In order to provide e-commerce services, provide post-sales services, perform statutory or contractual obligations, protect the rights and interests of parties and relevant stakeholders, provide marketing and customer management services, and operate business as defined in the business registration of the article of association (depending on the nature of respective services), satana (PHYDAXA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.) may collect your name, contact details (including but not limited to telephone. E-mail, and address), the information required to complete the payment or collection of payment, IP address, and other directly or indirectly personally identifiable information. 

In addition, in order to improve the quality of service, satana (PHYDAXA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.) will record the user's IP address and browsing activities on related websites or on the app (for example, software and hardware used by users, viewed web pages, and downloaded apps) in accordance with the nature of the services provided. 

However, these materials are only for traffic analysis and online behavior research, in order to improve the service quality of satana (PHYDAXA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.) related websites and will not be linked to specific individuals. 


Personal data and consumer/transactional materials collected by satana (PHYDAXA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.) that are sufficient to identify a user's identity or other personal data provided are for the sole purpose of internal processing and will be used in accordance with the purposes for which it was collected, or to provide services, perform contractual obligations, or to comply with orders or requirements by laws, regulations, or competent authority (including but not limited to courts or the Taiwan Clearing House). 

Otherwise, satana (PHYDAXA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.) will not provide a third-party with personally identifiable information, or use such information for purposes other than those for which it was collected. 

Third-Party Utilization and Advertising (Analysis) Services:

In order to optimize your shopping experience, we will share your personal data to obtain advertising analysis. Service providers such as Google, Facebook, LINE, Yahoo, Affiliates, Instagram, etc. can arrange for accurate product advertising and recommendation, allowing you to have a more curated experience. In addition, we have also enabled Google Analytics advertising features. 

If you wish to disable such functions and services, we recommend you refer to the nondisclosure method provided by Google, or contact us and we will provide the necessary assistance.


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