Meow! introducing satana's collaboration with Taiwanese comic sinkcomic: a hilarious and cute cat comic series! Brighten up your day with these purr-fect bags, featuring cute cartoon cat prints. If you look closely, you can find cat ears or a stray naughty kitten peeking out to say hi!

Made with the durable and water-repellent Soldier nylon, these bags are crafter to last. Shop these unique and practical bags to gain a fun, fluffy companion in your everyday.



A Total Of 4 Items

◉ Cat Ears Detail and sinkcomic Print! ◉ 3 Card Slots ◉ 1 Side Zip Pocket ◉ Snap Closure Strap with⋯
◉ sinkcomic Cat Detail ◉ 2 Main Zip Compartments ◉ 3 Internal Pockets ◉ Hidden Back Zip Pocket ◉ Ho⋯
◉ sinkcomic Print! ◉ 1 Back Card Slot ◉ Lobster Clasp Detail ◉ Inner Tag Keyring ◉ Branded Copper Y⋯
◉ sinkcomic Print! ◉ Front Zip Pocket ◉ 2 Internal Pockets ◉Adjustable Strap (Length: 74cm - 136 cm⋯
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